So this guy I was briefly seeing. There were some mild warning signs for sure, he said he was 100% against hooking up he didn’t like bars etc. Whatever no big deal.

He asks me to spend the night says we are def not having sex. Cool no problem. I wake up and he’s trying to put my penis inside him bareback. I get a condom and we fuck… Whatever.

I didn’t appreciate the entirety of how self loathing and filled with shame he was.

Later after that happened I was planning on going to the clothing optional beach with an old friend so I asked him to come and this happened.



Pfft! How can I be a homophobe … I’M GAY!



“How can a gay man be homophobic? That doesn’t make any sense!”

On the surface, it does seem counter-intuitive to claim gay men could be homophobic. But when you take into account the effects our society has on gay men, particularly during adolescence, such a claim…

I need to post a conversation I recently had with a former lover about this.